New Jersey Drug Detox

We offer prescription drug and alcohol detox in New Jersey. Please contact us at 1-908-573-3740

New Jersey has a growing problem with drug and alcohol addictions, especially prescription drug use. Instead of treating drug addicts like criminals, we believe people suffering from pain pill addiction, alcoholism and other drug addictions should have a comfortable drug detox to ensure long lasting sobriety and clean time. Addiction to pain killers can be one of the hardest addictions to treat and we believe that inpatient drug detox is the most effective way of dealing with prescription drug withdrawal.

For more information on state-funded detox programs in New Jersey contact

Sunrise Detox, New Jersey
1272 Long Hill Rd
Stirling, NJ 07980

Alcoholics Anonymous

Statewide 908-687-8566
Southern NJ 856-486-4444
Cape Atlantic 609-641-8855
Trenton 609-298-7795
Union 908-687-8566

Narcotics Anonymous

Statewide 800-992-0401

To find the New Jersey drug detox for you Please call 1-908-573-3740

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